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Located in Chicago, we are focused on building a robust, state of the art Web Application that allows anyone to test and trade ideas and strategies for the global financial markets from their Web Browser or Mobile Device without the need for any programing knowledge or experience. A technology company at heart, our leaders have decades of experience in the Financial markets, financial analysis, and in designing and building successful technology for the Financial Markets .

Our Founder, Christopher Thomas spent the last 25 years in the financial and commodity markets in Chicago, primarily as a technology professional designing and building solutions for traders. With the dramatic rise in the number of online retail traders, and the emergence of new markets such as Cryptocurrencies, Chris realized there was an untapped market. Retail investors and traders needed a sophisticated tool to test and trade their ideas that did not require writing code. The vast majority of people have no programming experience and cannot write any code. Chris saw the technology was available to deliver such a tool and the time was ripe to produce a Web Application for retail investors and traders that is affordable, easy to use, runs on any device, and allows nearly anyone to test and trade their ideas and strategies with no knowledge of programming. Thus he created Primal Quant.

Primal Quant aims to bring the technology used by big Trading Institutions and Hedge Funds to everyone. This will revolutionize retail investing and trading. It's our hope that many successful future investors and traders get their start using Primal Quant.

Our goal is to make the knowledge and tools needed to successfully trade the markets or manage investment portfolios available to the masses so individuals can take control of their own financial future, as we help to develop a vibrant community of a new generation of investors and traders who design and test their own idea and strategies, use these strategies for their own investing or trading, or license them to other Primal Quant users through our Strategy Store.

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We are a technology company bringing the power of Wall Street to Main Street. Everyone, everywhere can design, test, and trade ideas and strategies for the global markets using our Web Application.

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