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Primal Quant's leaders have decades of experience in the Financial markets, and in designing and building technology that works for the Financial Markets .

We know what has been missing in easy to use Trading Strategy design and testing up until now, and we know how to provide this to you, our users.

Christopher Thomas - Founder and CEO

Chris has a career spanning 25 years in Trading, Software Development and Technology Management, and has many years of experience in managing large teams of software developers and engineers, as well as multi-million dollar annual technology budgets.

In 1998, as CTO of a Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant named LFG, LLC., Chris designed, and was the lead developer on, the first Web Browser based trade order entry system for the U.S. futures markets known as “Futuresonline.” Futuresonline was used by thousands of Futures traders and was private labelled by several other Futures Commission Merchants. Futuresonline was also featured on Microsoft’s website as an example of the use of Microsoft’s DNA technology in Financial Services.

From late 1999 until 2002, Chris was the CTO for a proprietary trading company in Chicago, which was at the time one of the largest market makers on the U.S. equity option exchanges. In this capacity, Chris managed a staff of just over 100 technology professionals and an annual technology budget in excess of $15 million.

From 2002 until late 2008, Chris served as a Managing Director of a subsidiary of TD Securities in Chicago, named TD Options, LLC. During this time Chris had several roles at TD including CTO, business development, and for the last 2 years running his own trading group within the firm while still serving as a Managing Director.

From late 2008 until 2016, Chris was a founder of two proprietary trading firm in Chicago which specialized in algorithmic trading of futures markets. Chris was responsible for designing and managing the development of the user interfaces, electronic trading platforms and infrastructure for developing, testing and trading algorithmic strategies in the live markets.

Since 2007, Chris has also been retained as an expert witness in Electronic Trading Software by one of the largest patent owners in Financial Services, namely Trading Technologies International, Inc., where he has provided expert testimony at trial, as well as authoring many expert reports and declarations on numerous issues relating to electronic trading software patents owned by Trading Technologies International, Inc..

We are a technology company bringing the power of Wall Street to Main Street. Everyone, everywhere can design, test, and trade ideas and strategies for the global markets using our Web Application.

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